Does Fair & Lovely Subtly Mean Dark & Ugly?

The dark side of India’s obsession with white skin.

Then there were such advertisements. Women being shamelessly encouraged to spend their entire youth trying to be someone they’re not — European.
Exactly. (Translation: ‘Fair? My foot!’)

Who is behind this deep-rooted prejudice against dark skin?

Are men immune to the colour bias in India?

A dark-skinned Indian comedian once said, My Mom has MJ’s poster on our fridge. She says, “If he can do it. I can.”

Why exactly am I enraged?

I’m enraged because racism is so openly practiced in India. It’s shocking!

The cost of our silence is huge.

It will make a difference, believe me.

Do your part.

Reject Colourism!

People person. I write for the world to see some issues I do — with the same intensity. It’s a long battle but I’m armed with pens and books. Let’s do this.

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