Does Fair & Lovely Subtly Mean Dark & Ugly?

The dark side of India’s obsession with white skin.

The tragic death of George Floyd has swept the world with anguish and rage. India is no exception, millions of Indians took to social media to express their grief — including — famous Bollywood celebrities.

Then there were such advertisements. Women being shamelessly encouraged to spend their entire youth trying to be someone they’re not — European.
Exactly. (Translation: ‘Fair? My foot!’)

Who is behind this deep-rooted prejudice against dark skin?

That’s right.

Are men immune to the colour bias in India?

Absolutely not.

A dark-skinned Indian comedian once said, My Mom has MJ’s poster on our fridge. She says, “If he can do it. I can.”

Why exactly am I enraged?

Glad you asked.

I’m enraged because racism is so openly practiced in India. It’s shocking!

Indians are extremely vocal about their unjust behavior towards dark-skinned people since it’s no big deal. Just another day.

The cost of our silence is huge.

Please, speak up.

It will make a difference, believe me.

Do your part.

Reject Colourism!

People person. I write for the world to see some issues I do — with the same intensity. It’s a long battle but I’m armed with pens and books. Let’s do this.

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